Loke Hansen - November 2012 - At Home
Hearthstone #krongaard

I started playing Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft when the Open Beta started and fell for the game right away!

I'm playing on the Europe, Americas and Asia servers with the username #krongaard and am recording most of the games.

I'm sharing every single game played from the introduction to Arena and Ranked Play games from my adventurs on the Americas and Asia servers.

I didn't start recording at the beginning of my Europe server adventure - so I'm just sharing some random videos from my gaming there.

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December 2012
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My new favorite Adobe program, I'm exploring and learning and writing about it in the process.
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The most impressive online casino event I have seen in a long time, and of course it is hosted by the worlds oldest online casino.
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November 2012
Christmas Shopping
What I'm buying for my kids, where and why!
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I'm not sure if this require mode info...
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My in development manga comic
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All sorts of other posts ;)